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Physical Chemistry by LMS covers all the major topics in university-level undergraduate physical chemistry programs.  These include thermodynamics, electrochemistry, kinetics, quantum mechanics, bonding, spectroscopy,  statistical mechanics, surfaces and colloids, and transport properties. Here is the complete Table of Contents.

LMS as an eBook is an integrated portfolio of pdf chapters and files. As such they are easily edited, with the consequence that few errors exist.

Problem-solving is essential to learning Physical Chemistry. The LMS Solution Manual was developed by undergraduate students who explain the solutions as students-to-students: PEER learning, and vital resource for both student and teacher.

The multimedia component of the original textbook, developed by MCH, won the Eddie award upon publication. These have been edited into snippets that allow students to interact with and visualize various physical phenomena.  These are available FREE on this site: Freeware Chemistry Multimedia Snippets.


Educational Media Review said “This program is for the student or teacher who wants a fantastic tool to teach or learn difficult science concepts”.

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eSolution Manual

The eSolution Manual is an essential element of learning.

Problem-solving gives students insight into chemical processes

ePhysical Chemistry by Laidler, Meiser and Sanctuary

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LMS covers all the material required for undergraduate physical chemistry.

As pdf files, the eBook is easy to keep up-to-date and virtually error-free.

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Foundations Of Quantum Mechanics And Physical Chemistry

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