How to download and use shareware


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PC only but see WINE for Mac

In the shop, open the SHAREWARE category.

These are shareware:  that means they are not free, but you can download them for free and use them as much as you want.  However if you like the programs, please consider making a donation.

Each program contains about 200 hours of study and contains multimedia interactions with voice overlay.

Introductory Chemistry:   non-mathematical chemistry at the high school level

General Chemistry:  College, AP, or first year university General Chemistry.  More in-depth than Introductory Chemistry

Non-calculus Physics: non-mathematical physics at the high school level

Calculus physics: College, AP, or first year university General Physics.  Uses calculus.

Organic Chemistry: second year university and first course in organic chemistry that goes through many of the most important mechanisms, step-by-step, and with each step illustrated and verbally explained.

In order to download the programs, please “Like us” in Face Book: Like or

send out a tweet for us tweeet.  Then the download button will appear.

Simply unzip the files and read the text file “READ_ME.txt”

From the opening splash:

open splash

You can:

–activate (remove the opening splash) by making a contribution (Minimum $10)

–Try the product for as long as you want

–Contribute, or donate, which will send you the activation keys.




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