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20 July 2020

Chemical Kinetics Part II: In great deeds, something abides!

With all due respect to Joshua Chamberlain; what about little deeds? By “little” I don’t mean “less important”, but “microscopic”. When studying (and understanding) chemical kinetics, […]
4 July 2020

Kinetics Part I: do not be hasty!

In the Lord of The Rings book, Tolkien imagines a very ancient creature (an Ent, or tree-man, called “Treebeard”) who happens to cross the way of […]
29 June 2020

Kinetic law says ‘last will be first’

Reactions are usually complex events. Bonds are broken, formed, stretched and atoms driven by enthalpy and entropy in their marvelous path. From reactants to products, and […]
18 June 2020

Nernst equation, solving it vs. pronouncing it

The last part of General Chemistry course in the Faculties of Engineering and Agricultural Sciences at my University is electrochemistry (covered by Chapter 8 of the […]
8 June 2020

May the Energy be with you! Yoda’s Law of Thermodynamics

Sci-fi authors often deal with a really big problem: how to obtain all the energy needed by spaceships to move? How can people obtain longer lives, […]
27 May 2020

Colligative properties: point of view of the molecules!

Colligative properties have particularly interesting…well, properties! The most important of them is, as far as I understand from my students, their independence on the chemical nature […]
17 May 2020

What is the Equilibrium Constant?

Equilibrium is certainly one of the most interesting topics for a chemist! However, it seems that to study it is neither easy (nor enjoyable) for our […]
9 May 2020

Thermodynamics and pathological science.

Chemistry and Physics offer more than mere equations to the serious student. Even philosophical concepts can be derived from the thermodynamic laws. Can you believe it? […]
30 April 2020

Why scientists like state functions

State variables, or state functions, are one of the most interesting concepts in science. They have a special place in thermodynamics because of their fundamental property […]

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