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4 July 2020

Kinetics Part I: do not be hasty!

In the Lord of The Rings book, Tolkien imagines a very ancient creature (an Ent, or tree-man, called “Treebeard”) who happens to cross the way of […]
29 June 2020

A Look Into Bonding; Part 1 – Atoms

One of the most exciting parts of studying chemistry is the power to predict how atoms will combine into different molecules.  Of course, in order to […]
29 June 2020

Kinetic law says ‘last will be first’

Reactions are usually complex events. Bonds are broken, formed, stretched and atoms driven by enthalpy and entropy in their marvelous path. From reactants to products, and […]
28 June 2020

Bonding Part 2 – Hybrid Orbital Theory

Valence bond theory (VB) and molecular orbital theory (MO) help explain why and how electrons are shared between atoms although their approaches are quite different.  Valence […]
27 June 2020

Bonding Part 3 – Resonance Theory

Once again we explore the world of valence bond theory but this time only be concerned with molecules that have at least three adjacent p orbitals […]
26 June 2020

Bonding Part 4 – Molecular Orbital Theory

Now that we have discussed hybrid orbital theory and resonance theory, let’s finally turn our attention to molecular orbital (MO) theory.  The power of the MO […]
25 June 2020

Redox reactions in electrochemistry and electrochemical cells

Electrochemistry is the study of the changes that cause electrons to flow to create electricity. This flow of electrons is created by oxidation – reduction reactions […]
18 June 2020

Nernst equation, solving it vs. pronouncing it

The last part of General Chemistry course in the Faculties of Engineering and Agricultural Sciences at my University is electrochemistry (covered by Chapter 8 of the […]
13 June 2020

Thermal Equilibrium – Simplified!

Setting the Scene – Back to Basics In order to understand the concept of thermal equilibrium (Chapter 1 section 1.4 of the physical chemistry textbook), we […]

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