MCH Chemistry Help

7 November 2020

Ratio of forward and reverse rate constants is equal to the equilibrium constant

In class, I used the animation in chapter 4- Approach equilibrium (page 4.28 of my Physical Chemistry book), to show that the ratio of the forward […]
17 August 2020

The world of Equilibrium

Chemistry would be a whole lot simpler if all the reactions would just make their expected products (or even some by-products) and then be done. Reactants […]
17 May 2020

What is the Equilibrium Constant?

Equilibrium is certainly one of the most interesting topics for a chemist! However, it seems that to study it is neither easy (nor enjoyable) for our […]
11 May 2020

The modern understanding of equilibrium equation

This equilibrium constant section (Chapter 4 of the Physical Chemistry textbook) provides a brief look into the history of the discovery of equilibrium.  As noted in […]

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