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21 May 2020

The ‘aha’ moment with quantum numbers

When learning about quantum numbers for the first time, it can be overwhelming and confusing. However, in all my years of teaching, no other topic so […]
9 May 2020

Thermodynamics and pathological science.

Chemistry and Physics offer more than mere equations to the serious student. Even philosophical concepts can be derived from the thermodynamic laws. Can you believe it? […]
28 April 2020

A look at Systems, States and Equilibrium – Physical Chemistry ch 1.3

In order to understand the workings of a physical process or chemical reaction, a limited area of study must be isolated.  This area is usually described […]
19 April 2020

The role of temperature; kinetic molecular theory in physical chemistry

 Temperature has a strict relation to kinetic energy; this much is clear, but sometimes it’s not as clear as it should be! As human beings, we […]
18 February 2020

What teaching aids/resources are available with the Physical Chemistry e-book?

14 December 2019

Testimonials and Feedback

4 May 2012

State Functions explained with multiple examples

Section 2.2 of the Physical Chemistry textbook, States and State Functions, provides a wonderful definition for two terms that are often understood but difficult to define.  […]

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