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MCH engages software programming experts; individuals trained in educational research; marketing experts, and has strong ties with other software companies. These skilled individuals work together in order to develop successful learning and teaching tools, suited to the needs of a variety of specific audiences, and especially those who have grown up reading from computers.


MCH Multimedia’s mission is to maximize the potential for successful learning and teaching through the effective use of educational technology. MCH strives to create educational tools that will help achieve successful learning outcomes. We provide educational and instructional software for academic institutions, government agencies and all types of business and industry.


To make use of electronic technologies to advance teaching and learning. In particular these technologies have been used to develop educational programs in the sciences. To provide our customers with customized e-learning and educational technology solutions. Our primary interest is eBook design, copy protection solutions, and marketing.

The Foundation of MCH

In the early 1990’s Bryan Sanctuary, a Professor of Chemistry at McGill University (Montreal, Canada), is the primary developer of the eBook, as well as president of the company.In 1995 he began MCH which is an acronym of his children’s names, and coincidentally stands for More Chemistry Help.