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Successful Learning

The process begins by acquiring an understanding of where a learning problem or need may exist. The main areas of focus of course are the needs of the learners and instructors in each situation. We use the most recent educational statistics, and conduct interviews with learners and instructors in order to develop educational supplements.

Process and Methodology

Part of what makes MCH educational software solutions so effective is that we know the importance of understanding our learner-the learning context, learning goals, prior knowledge and preferred learning style. One of the most common problems with educational technology and instructional design is that these important considerations are often ignored.    

Physical Chemistry Hard Copy

Professor Sanctuary was signed on as an author of the Physical Chemistry text book with co-authors Professor Keith Laidler ; and Professor John Meiser. Although Laidler, Meiser and Sanctuary was one of the top books in Physical chemistry, upon the passing of Professor Laidler, Houghton Mifflin decided not to continue with hard copy production.

We Promote Safe Ebook Diffusion

MCH Multimedia is a company dedicated to bring educational multimedia at the secondary and college level to students at affordable prices. MCH also offers eBook developments, copy protection and marketing to academics wishing to publish their own works.