College Organic Chemistry (PC)

College Organic Chemistry (PC)

Programs cover the material found in the first college level organic chemistry course. Mechanisms and organic reactions are explained step-by-step with voice overlays and animations. The material is visual and interactive.




Our Organic Chemistry programs covers material in second year university courses. One effective features is the step-by-step treatment of the most common organic reaction mechanisms.  Each step is animated and explained using voice comments.  In addition to reaction mechanisms, some of the other topics covered include: biochemistry, stereo chemistry, hybridization, acids and bases and chemical bonding.


Find out why these tutorials have received critical acclaim from a number of renowned Journals including the Journal Of Chemical Education who said that “I know of no aid available in any format that will better enable students to learn the mechanistic aspects of organic chemistry.”

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1. Overview
2. Stereochemistry
3. Chemical Bonds & Hybridization
4. Acid-base reactions
5. Organic reaction types
6. Nomenclature
7. Alkenes
8. Ethers
9. Aromatic Compounds
10. Aldehydes and keytones
11. Carboxylic acids
12. Amines
13. Biochemistry


The program takes advantage of multimedia technology to present teachers and students with a new way of approaching and understanding the challenging concepts and ideas found in Organic Chemistry.

User-friendly interface allows for easy navigation

Flexible plotting, drag & drop and other interactive exercises

Convenient pull down calculator, glossary, key word searches, note pad, periodic table and many tables of useful data

Quizzes with step-by-step feedback

Hundreds of 3-D visual demonstrations, movies, animations and sound effects

Many concise voice comments help to emphasize key concepts

Over 200 hours of study material on each CD compiled by renowned McGill professor Dr. Bryan Sanctuary

Teacher student

Target audience

Covers all the traditional and modern topics in Organic Chemistry in undergraduate science programs.

We encourage sales to Universities, Institutions and Home Groups by providing Volume Discounts (found in step 2 above). These provide even greater savings over our already low prices, compared to hard copy textbooks.
Users: teachers

Use the power of interactive multimedia to motivate your students and provide them with a clearer understanding of ideas that were once more difficult to explain.

Promote the idea of more frequent individual study among your students and encourage them to explore various concepts and topics at their own pace.

The many 3-D animations facilitate the explanation of complex ideas and provides students with helpful visual representations.

Non-linear structure of the tutorial allows you the option of easily skipping to desired sections.

Give your students access to multimedia learning tools that can help your online course environments go beyond simply posting comments and communicating with others.

Accompany in-class lectures with a display of both graphics and text by using a conventional overhead projector.

This can be easier and more effective than writing notes on a blackboard.
MCH tutorials contain many good ideas for possible exam questions

To get an idea of how our programs work, check out the screen captures of students using the tutorials.

Users: Students

As a student, your main goals are to develop a comprehensive understanding of the central ideas in your chemistry and physics classes, and of course to get good grades. Our programs can be used as a great study and review tool for midterm and final exams.

The review sections are excellent for brushing up on previously learned concepts
The subject matter helps put new ideas into a meaningful context. You will understand the broader concepts by studying the details.

The interactive exercises allow you to truly engage and immerse yourself in the information. You can actively construct your own body of knowledge.

The visual representations can provide you with an additional way of understanding some of the most challenging academic content you will encounter in your academic career.

Quizzes and feedback provide you with an opportunity to assess your learning progress.

To get an idea of how our programs work, check out the screen captures of students using the tutorials.


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