What schools and colleges are using MCH’s science software programs?

High schools, colleges, and universities worldwide are using MCH’s courseware programs. We can provide copies from a few for a high school or thousands for a whole country. If an institution purchase, say, 10 copies, then the program can be installed on hundreds of computers, but only 10 can be open at any instance.

We provide volume discounts from the full prices.

As educators, we recognize that a major expense for students is the cost of books. We therefore offer students a 25% discount on most of our products. This is about one third the cost of a comparable hard copy text.

Recently there has been a rapid growth in Home-School Groups which offer reduced pricing for large volumes.

What is the difference between MCH’s student version software and institutional version software?

No matter the format, the content is identical.

These are installed on personal computers or laptops and are intended for both school and home use on a single personally-owned computer.

The institutional version software is no different in content, except reside on multiple computers under multiple license contracts. On-Line subscriptions run for 12 months and can be purchased individually or in bulk. For example, on purchase of 75 subscriptions, the purchaser will receive by immediate email response which includes the logins and passwords for all 75 users. The teacher simply gives out the unique login details to each student, and the first time they log on, and complete a profile, they have access to courses on-line.

We do not provide DVDs for Library Loans. The programs must always be installed on one computer.

The only format is Download. The links arrive by email upon automatic approval of your Credit Card. This takes seconds, after which you can start downloading your programs. It takes less time than an on-line movie. Download versions are permanently installed on your computer. We encourage download formats as the preferred mode of delivery. It is fast, does not require the consumption of plastic; wrapping material; and shipping, which delivery by DVD does require.

What is a single-workstation license?

A single-workstation license allows installation and use of the software on a single computer.

What is a On-Line license?

On-Line licenses are multiple subscriptions that are completely managed by MCH multimedia. All the institution need do is distributed the unique login credentials to each student. MCH does the rest. They can log on from any computer in the world as long as it has the correct Adobe plugin installed. Due to the on-going cost of Band Width, subscriptions must last one year only. Contact MCH for more information

Can I evaluate a student version program before adding it to my recommended course materials list?

College faculty wishing to evaluate student version programs for possible course adoption may request a software trial period. MCH’s policy regarding student evaluations is parallel to that of faculty evaluations – namely, a full online version of the software can be made available to interested parties upon request. Contact MCH for more information

I have an older version of an MCH Multimedia program. Can I upgrade to the current version?

Yes. In some cases an upgrade is provided free of charge if the new version simply includes bug fixes or other technical improvements. If new instructional content has been added, or any major programming revision has taken place, the upgrade is considered a paid upgrade. Contact MCH for more specific information.

Are MCH products multi platformed? Do they run on all different Operating Systems?

Yes, every MCH product run on all Windows operating systems up to the present versions.

The same products will also run on Macintosh OSX, but the Multimedia programs and shareware only run on Macs using WINE.

If you are having any trouble running our programs on your computer, you can reach us by e-mail at, or preferably, you may fill out our Technical Support form.

Are MCH Multimedia’s on-line order forms secure? Can I safely send credit card information?

The financial transactions of the MCH Online Store is operated by PayPal. Our shop links to the secure web sites of the banks where the transaction takes place. Only after completion do you return to the MCH shop.

Your Credit Card details are not available to MCH Multimedia Inc.

If you prefer, your can order by


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How do I know if you have received my on-line order?

After you have completed and sent your order to us from our website, you will receive confirmation by email. If you do not receive one, please check your spam folder and if not there, contact us immediately to confirm your order. Any questions regarding orders should be directed to MCH’s Order Department at